Lacovia Grand Cayman


Legendary Legendz

While many locals may not like the changes to Legendz Classic Bar & Grill, as a regular bi-annual visitor to Grand Cayman, I must say I like it. I mean, can’t you get a sports bar just about anywhere? And does a sports bar environment really conjure up images of[…]

Taking the “Sting” out of Stingray City

Nearly everyone who comes to Grand Cayman eventually visits Stingray City. As a matter of fact, surveys show that 90% of guests coming to Lacovia plan to go and “swim with the rays.” Some people might believe once they have visited, it’s not necessary to go again, but I beg[…]

Breakfast at Lauren’s is a Great Way to Start the Day

As a frequent visitor to Grand Cayman, I tend to visit Fosters on the day of arrival and gather breakfast and lunch items for the remainder of my visit. While practical and economical, it means I don’t have any experience going out to eat for quick simple meals like breakfast,[…]