Lacovia Grand Cayman


Grand Cayman Restaurant Month 2015

Restaurant Specials during Grand Cayman Dining Event Thinly sliced flavourful tuna to start, followed by a savoury salmon and asparagus filled orecchiette topped with a lovely dill sauce for your main entree. Doesn’t that make your mouth water? And best of all, it will only cost you CI$15 during the[…]

Vegetarian Dining Options on Grand Cayman

Fresh Food Guide for Dining around Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman You’ve settled into your suite at Lacovia Condos, strolled around the Seven Mile Beach area, and worked up an appetite for a good meal. You could really go for some yummy hummus or a fresh quinoa salad. How about[…]

Travel to Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman

Expansion Plans at ORIA Herald Optimism for Grand Cayman Tourism and Travel Thousands flock to Grand Cayman hoping to see the unique green sea turtle. But soon they’ll see one as soon as they arrive at Owen Roberts International Airport. But this one doesn’t paddle or dive; in fact, it[…]

Grand Cayman Local Butterfly Creates a Flurry

Cabbage White Butterfly Welcome Visitor to Lacovia A white flurry surrounds you and covers the plants and gardens in a white blanket. Christmas in the Caribbean? Snow in June on Grand Cayman? While it definitely looks like snow, the “flurry” isn’t cold and doesn’t contain ice crystals at all. It’s[…]