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Best of … Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach has won so many awards, sometimes it’s hard to count.  The water is a gorgeous aqua blue, the sand is a warm sugar white color, and the experience is hard to replicate anywhere.  But what happens when you come off the beach and want (or need) to do something else?  Did you forget to pack your swimsuit?  Or do you need to stock up the condo with provisions?  Maybe you just want a suggestion of a place to eat genuine local food?  Try out some of our suggestions in this quick reference guide for some of our favorites.

Best place to enjoy happy hour:  All of them!  We suggest you take a sunset walk and stop along any of the many beach bars that might “strike your fancy”.  Most of them have specials, like half off appetizers.

Best time to Paddle Board:  First thing in the morning, before the water starts to kick up.  It’s a great way to start your day.

Most Convenient Liquor Store:  If you are looking to stock up on wine and spirits for the week, you don’t have to go further than across the street!  Big Daddy’s.

Best Liquor Store: If fine wines, hard to find spirits with mini cohibas are of interest, visit Jacques Scott Wine & Liquors in the Galleria Plaza. Just a 5 min walk from Lacovia.

Best and most authentic Local Food:  We asked several local people who work at hotels in Grand Cayman, and this restaurant came up most frequently as a favorite place to eat.  Heritage Kitchen, Mango Tree or Welly’s Cool Spot.

Best for EVERYTHING:  From the yummy beef patties to the sand toys and fresh produce (which could be pricey), this is your best one-stop-shop option.  Foster’s Food Fair IGA or Kirk Market.

Best Spa:  Some spas are too uptight and others are not professional or inviting enough.  We found this one to be juuuussst right!  Hibiscus Spa. 

Best place to buy swimsuits:  Well this one is “off” the beach, but it’s so good it’s worth mentioning.  Great selection of quality suits and accessories.  Diver’s Supply in West Shore Plaza or Sand Angels at Camana Bay.

Best Local Pizza: This is a Cayman tradition, the owner and operator’s grandmother started and she’s continuing with favorites like Borden’s Special. Borden Pizza in Governor’s Habour.


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