Visit Cayman Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman

One of the most ideal family experiences in the Caribbean is to visit the Cayman Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman. Turtles are very important to the history and culture of the country, so much so it’s national flag, seal and currency reflects the close association. Early Days The Cayman Islands have a long deep history Read more »

Dining on Grand Cayman

Management, guests and owners put our heads together and organized a list of recommended restaurants for visitors to Lacovia. If you are headed to Seven Mile Beach, and need some ideas on where to eat, and more importantly what to order, this is a great resource. Simple but good While the atmosphere at Legendz can Read more »

What’s a Low Rise Lover?

Seven Mile Beach has changed dramatically over the years. The biggest change has been the hi-rise luxury condominiums that have been added, or replaced previous structures. While some might like to blame all kinds of sources for this, the change preliminarily started with our “friend” Hurricane Ivan in 2004 (on September 12th). Literally off the Read more »

Legendary Legendz

While many locals may not like the changes to Legendz Classic Bar & Grill, as a regular bi-annual visitor to Grand Cayman, I must say I like it. I mean, can’t you get a sports bar just about anywhere? And does a sports bar environment really conjure up images of being on vacation? I don’t Read more »