Lacovia Grand Cayman

The Island

So much to do in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a popular destination for a lot of reasons. Getting there is relatively easy. People speak English. The island is easy to get around. Shopping is abundant. Food is great, with a variety of cuisines available at every price point. It’s very safe, which is why there are[…]

Grand Cayman Local Butterfly Creates a Flurry

Cabbage White Butterfly Welcome Visitor to Lacovia A white flurry surrounds you and covers the plants and gardens in a white blanket. Christmas in the Caribbean? Snow in June on Grand Cayman? While it definitely looks like snow, the “flurry” isn’t cold and doesn’t contain ice crystals at all. It’s[…]

Packing Tips for Travel to Grand Cayman

How to Pack for a Vacation on Grand Cayman Island Booked a trip to the Caribbean? Wondering what it’s like in the Grand Cayman Islands? Don’t know what to pack? You’ve come to the right place. With a packing list and these handy packing tips for travel to Grand Cayman,[…]

Tips for Getting Around Grand Cayman

Driving on Grand Cayman a Great Way to See the Island A new vacation destination may also bring along some new experiences, and getting around Grand Cayman by vehicle can be a wonderful way to see the island especially if you know what to expect. I have to drive on[…]

Romantic Couples Vacation on Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Romantic Vacation Ideas Put a Little Sizzle in Your Holiday Whether you have just tied the knot or celebrating many years of marriage, there’s plenty of romance to experience on Grand Cayman. You can begin to write a special love story on Seven Mile Beach. But what would[…]

Top 5 Places to Watch a Sunset in the Cayman Islands

Best Beaches in the World Promise Unbeatable Sunset Watching It’s pretty hard to beat basking on the gorgeous sands of the Cayman beaches, unless you’re on the beach to witness the sunset. When the sun sinks into the sea, it gets dark very quickly and the brilliance of the colours[…]

Couples Activities on Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman’s Picture Perfect for Couples Activities Relaxing in a private jacuzzi or swimming amongst spectacular sea life; no matter what you choose, there are numerous couples activities on Seven Mile Beach. Get Close and Personal…with the Sea Life The pristine waters of Grand Cayman are home to an array[…]

Family Activities on Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach Just One of Many Family Friendly Places to Visit Travelling through an old pirate cave, swimming alongside sea turtles or enjoying a memorable meal overlooking the Caribbean sea; there are numerous fun-filled family activities on Grand Cayman and just as many superlatives to describe them. F is[…]

Seven Mile Beach Activities Suitable for All

Accessible Activities on Seven Mile Beach Make Grand Cayman a Dream Holiday Destination Whether it’s scuba diving in sublime waters, strolling along fine sugar sand, or delighting in a delicious meal, there are numerous Seven Mile Beach activities that will make your Grand Cayman vacation exceptional. Amazing Beach Activities Ranked[…]

Diving on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach Diving is Accessible to All Skill Levels Diving on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island is a dream of scuba enthusiasts the world over, and this reputation is no dream but a wonderful reality. Located on the western side of Grand Cayman Island, Seven Mile Beach was[…]