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Packing Tips for Travel to Grand Cayman

How to Pack for a Vacation on Grand Cayman Island

Booked a trip to the Caribbean? Wondering what it’s like in the Grand Cayman Islands? Don’t know what to pack? You’ve come to the right place. With a packing list and these handy packing tips for travel to Grand Cayman, you’ve got this trip “in the bag”.

packing for grand cayman vacation

Let’s Start With Some Basics

What’s the weather like?
With its Western Caribbean location, Grand Cayman has a tropical marine climate. It has a wet summer season from May to October with temperatures between 24° to 32° C (75-90° F) and a dry winter season November to April with slightly lower temperatures about 22 ° to 30 ° C (72-86 ° F).

Rain usually comes in the form of a quick short rainfall that refreshes. Grand Cayman is subject to the hurricane season which falls between July and November, the peak being in August and September, however serious hurricanes are infrequent.

What is the currency?
The official currency is the Cayman Islands dollar but the U.S. dollar is generally acceptable throughout the islands. You’ll need to exchange your currency before arriving if you live in a place where your currency differs, or find a currency exchange or ATM when you arrive.

Ideally you should carry sufficient cash to see you through airport arrival, travel to the hotel, tipping, and incidentals along the way. Most restaurants, hotels and taxi service businesses will accept major credit cards.

traveling to grand cayman

What documents should you bring?

Before you leave home make sure you have a valid passport. If you’re arriving from the U.S. make sure to protect these documents. There isn’t a U.S. Embassy office in the Caymans; the nearest one is located in Kingston, Jamaica. It’s also a good idea to make copies of your passport, flight and hotel confirmations and keep them in a separate location.

Clothing Guide

What should the ladies bring?

Choose easy care casual clothing with fabrics that breathe. You’ll want to include t-shirts, light shirts, and shorts. It’s smart casual wear for most restaurants, so dresses or sundresses are great options. Pack a cover-up or wrap for those transitions from beach to hotel or restaurant.

How about men?

T-shirts, polo shirts and shorts are all ideal. Choose light breathable fabrics as temperatures are warm. Include a few collared shirts and casual pants to satisfy any restaurant dress requirements.

packing for a trip to grand cayman

For Everyone

Make sure to pack two swim suits so that you have one for back-up when one is wet, good footwear for walking or hiking, sunglasses, a hat, and sandals or flip-flops for the beach. Also, a light jacket or sweater is handy when there’s a cool evening breeze or a light rain shower.

Remember to note the normal weather conditions expected upon your return back home (not that you want to think about that while relaxing on Seven Mile Beach!) and pack clothes that will see you from the airport back to your home.

Don’t Forget the Extras

What about electrical appliances?

It’s the same electricity system in the Caymans as in the U.S.: 110 volts, 60 Hz. You should be able to use your hair dryers and electric razors just fine. Mobile phones, digital cameras and laptops can be run and charged with your travel adapters. Keep in mind also that most resorts, such as Lacovia, have hair dryers in each suite for guest’s use.

Do you have any special needs?

It goes without saying that you should carry sunscreen, after sun soothers and insect repellent, but also make sure that you include any special medications or supplements that you need. A travel first-aid kit is extremely valuable to deal with any scrapes, bumps or allergic reactions that might occur.

traveling to grand cayman with children

Traveling with children?

Include a variety of toys, reading and colouring books, games, puzzles and portable video game units (as well extra batteries and chargers) to keep children entertained in the downtimes between travelling destinations. Also handy for beach picnics are a nylon blanket that you can roll up easily and a collapsible cooler. Include water bottles and plastic re-sealable containers to transport items. Finally a small sewing kit can be handy for mending buttons or clothing that gets torn.


If you are visiting us at Lavocia for the first time, or perhaps traveling in a season different from before, don’t hesitate tocontact us with your questions.

With some planning and preparation, you’re all set. Your Grand Cayman vacation awaits. Get ready to collect lots of great experiences to pack into your luggage for the return trip home!