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So much to do in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a popular destination for a lot of reasons. Getting there is relatively easy. People speak English. The island is easy to get around. Shopping is abundant. Food is great, with a variety of cuisines available at every price point. It’s very safe, which is why there are so few all-inclusive resorts. For those seeking beach, Seven Mile Beach (aka SMB) is award winning and internationally recognized, a place beach lovers tend to covet. But what often gets overlooked are the interesting things to do, explore, and enjoy.

CAMANA BAY– About a 10 minute walk from Lacovia, Grand Cayman, day or night Camana Bay is an ideal place to spend a little, or a lot, of time. This is a “town” experience – a lot like Faneuil Hall Boston or the Seaport in NYC – but with a genuine CaymanKind feel. There are shops, boutiques, restaurants, a wine store, a book store, fountains, gardens, much of it waterfront. You can watch a movie, climb to the top of the Observation Tower, attend a large scale event like “Taste of Cayman” or simply stroll the marina and shops endlessly. There is even a weekly farmers market, with local produce and crafts, and for those seeking fitness, there is Cross Fit, Anytime Fitness and pole dancing too! Activities range from wine tastings to live music, and much more. Explore until your heart’s content and then find a quiet place to take it all in. Our Lacovia, Grand Cayman office receives monthly activity calendars and promotions, when available, so make sure to check in before you venture off.

RUM POINT – What’s not to like? One can spend all day there, enjoying the water, meeting interesting residents and other visitors from around the world, all dining on local fare. My best experience was when I arrived there by boat, captained by a local. He brought his dog who could climb the ladder of the boat! We dined at an open air restaurant with really good food. There are a few places to eat at Rum Point, so all you have to do is choose your price point and go. Easy to get to using the water taxi that’s $5 for adults and kids under 2 free, which runs a couple of nights a week. Check the front desk for more details.

BIO-LUMINESCENT BAY and KAYAK TRIP – Though Sting Ray City and the Turtle Centre are both worth your time and money, this is something really unique, and an ideal way to spend time on Grand Cayman. You get the better part of nature, by exploring it two different ways. What you do (kayak) and what you see (bio-luminescent life), combine for a spectacular and most memorable experience. Usually run on the darkest nights of the year, this tour is magical. It explores a fragile ecosystem, and shows you an amazing natural phenomena. Fully guided tours run from Rum Point. We recommend contacting Cayman Kayaks.

CRYSTAL CAVES – Recently opened in April, these caves were cleared and lit for fascinating guided tours of Cayman’s oldest geological wonder. To illustrate the success of these tours and the captivation they offer, in just a few months they are now rated as the #12 attraction of 166 things to do in Grand Cayman, and all reviews of the past few weeks are five solid stars. Make sure to include this experience in your Grand Cayman vacation and you will not be disappointed.

Of course these are just a few suggestions of how to spend your time when not on the beach. If you contact our office and tell us what interests you, we can provide many more custom suggestions for you and your travel party. Contact Aliya at