There are activities to be enjoyed by everyone!

Grand Cayman is approximately 7 by 21 miles and often described to be shaped like a whale with an upside down tale. You can easily enjoy a drive from one end to the next in just over half a day or try going around the island on a boat tour. This small, developing island is filled with many natural sights and sounds along with duty-free shopping, world-class spas, and epicurean delights in addition to the many attractions found on land and in sea.

Our island annually wins awards for various reasons and in recent years in the Traveler’s Choice Awards for 2015, Grand Cayman was included in the top 10 for three categories:

  • 10 Best Islands in the Caribbean (#3),
  • 10 Best Destinations in the Caribbean (#5 – Seven Mile Beach),
  • 25 best Beaches in the Caribbean (#7 – Seven Mile Beach.

No matter the reason for you spending time with us for your vacation, you are guaranteed to be entertained by our wonderful activities and attractions. To help you make the most of your time here please take note of some ways to achieve this and remember, we’re here to help!

While on property with us you are free to enjoy swimming in our pool or off our shores. Feel free to stop by the office to borrow a tennis racket and have a game on our court, or shoot a couple hoops. For our gym rats you can still get your workout in our fitness centre while your kids play a game of ping pong. Our office has a reading centre where books may be borrowed and board games are available.

Snorkeling is an easy option and one of the most accessible activities you can do while with us. Many of our guests have shared with us their sightings of turtles (during nesting season), a few random stingray sightings and an array of fish. In addition, there are many snorkeling spots further footprints down from our area on Seven Mile Beach and a few further out. Additionally, there are tour operators who can take you out to the reefs to view deep sea coral and other sea life.

Are you thinking of venturing offsite to other attractions? There are many to choose from. Tour operators will pick up and drop off from Lacovia for boat excursions to Stingray City, Coral Reef Garden, and deep-sea fishing. They will also come for your on-island tours that take you out to the eastern districts where you can view our gardens, home of democracy and caves.

For activities like paddle boarding, parasailing and jet skis, these can be arranged for the equipment to be brought to our beach for your use. Let the team know and we’ll be glad to help you make arrangements.